Trader Joe’s Organic Quinoa – How To Make The Best Recipe

trader joe's organic quinoa

Many of the plants that exist in this world can make a healthy living human being. The need for this specific type of plant we have already seen in the past 2 years. When the world was completely in the grip of the Novel corona virus and the people are losing their lives at huge then some of the traditional herbal plants worked the best by being themselves available as the form of drinkable item like Kaadha. In many rural areas, people also preferred the traditional herbal plants apart from allopathic or any other medical science. 

Trader Joe’s Organic Quinoa

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Quinoa is also related to the same category and this flowering plant is basically from the amaranth family. It is being grown as a crop primarily for its edible seeds. The quinoa is not grass and originated in the Andean region of northwestern South America. It is the genus of Chenopodium and a species of C. quinoa. As per the available facts, approximately all production in the Andean region is done by small farms and connected associations.

Trader Joe’s is a brand offering organic quinoa at affordable prices for their customers and people are taking many benefits from this product 


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If we go for the microwave cooking process of this product then it has a simple method but also can vary as per the oven wattage. One has to puncture the bag 4-5 times on the seam side and then place it in the microwave by seam side up and raise the flame high by heating up to 3.5 minutes. Then allow sitting in a closed microwave for approximately 2.5 minutes. Finally carefully remove, open, and place it in a serving bowl. 

One can also prepare in the stove over the unavailability of the microwave. To start making it on the stove, first heat a saucepan over high heat. Then pour the frozen quinoa onto the pan and also add 2 tablespoons of water. Now stir and cover it by making the heat flow slow. One must have to check it regularly and also stir it frequently and now again add 2 tablespoons of water alongside 1 tablespoon at a time to prevent heating. Then finally just heat it for 5-6 minutes then it’s ready to serve.  

If we talk about the nutritional value of this product for the amount of 113 g (serving size ½ cup) and serving per container about 4 then we have some nice figures. As per the said amount, it contains 140 calories and total fat of 2.5 g. Cholesterol is 0 mg, total carbohydrate is 24 gm, sodium is 10 mg and protein is 5 g. It also has 2% calcium and 6% iron.


The shared short analysis informs about the real quality of this herbal item. We hope you make the best out of quinoa to improve your health condition. We believe this article sheds some light on how to do it.

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