Physical activity is a key to a healthy life

Even if you are on a diet, reducing calorie intake doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss. Dieting alone can be harmful because it makes muscles lose their strength, which is necessary to burn fat optimally.

The health benefits of Outdoor activities

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The health benefits of physical activity are evident, but it is often difficult to maintain a high level of fitness. Most people find it easier to follow an exercise program if they take up such sport as rowing (rowing), climbing (Mount Everest), or skiing. Outdoor activities like hiking and cycling can also be quite effective. Going for a run every day is not as essential as eating a healthy diet and getting enough rest. However, if you already know how to swim, you can also use swimming for weight loss. Indoor activities like playing with a ball (tennis) or exercising at home (sit-ups and push-ups) are inexpensive and convenient for most people.

Risks associated with physical activity

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If you want to lose weight, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with physical activity – otherwise, you might gain weight. To minimize the risks, start slowly and gradually increase your level of movement as your endurance grows. It’s better, to begin with, some simple exercises which you can do at home for a short time every day, before progressing to more physically demanding activities. If you have been inactive for several years, it would be wise to consult your health care professional as soon as possible. In case you need medical supervision, the best choice is to take up rowing (rowing) because it requires no special skills or any kind of equipment.

Combination of diet and exercise for weight loss

If you find it difficult to adjust your eating habits, you can try a combination of diet and exercise for weight loss. Start with a minimum effort because even minimal sport burns calories while losing excess fat mass requires that you reduce calorie intake until the desired results are achieved. If you have been inactive for years because of an illness or other limiting condition, you should not immediately attempt to return to your previous lifestyle. You have to go slowly and gradually work towards a higher level of fitness. Consult your doctor about the best activities for getting back in shape after illness or injury.

Advantages of physical activity

Physical activity can greatly reduce the risk of heart disorders and other ailments associated with being overweight. Even people who have been inactive for years can adjust their fitness levels by performing some light exercises every day. It is important to maintain the level of movement even if you are on a diet because exercise will help manage your appetite and prevent you from overeating. Whether you want to lose weight or gain healthy muscles, regular physical activity can make it easier for you.


To get rid of excess weight, you need at least half an hour of physical activity every day without impairing the functions of your heart or cardiovascular system. Most people find it helpful to keep track of their progress with a journal so that they can monitor how their body is reacting to the efforts they are making. It’s best to record your level of physical activity and calorie intake daily so you will be able to see at any time which areas of your life you should change. To lose weight, it’s best to go for a run every day if you are healthy enough because it is an extremely effective cardiovascular exercise.

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