Organic Gin Ritas and Margaritas Are Fresh and Tasteful New Alcohol Options

frankly organic vodka

Biodynamic and frankly Organic vodka is the name of three new premium liquors coming from California’s Napa Valley. These premium spirits are made without any added chemicals or flavorings and come in four flavors: Floral, Greenberry, Licorice and Russian. They are made by the estate vineyards in the Napa and Sonoma valleys. The entire process of making these high quality wines is carefully monitored, every step of the way, by experts who know the land and the vineyards. As a result, the organic ingredients used in the making of these products are chosen with great care.

Organic Alcohol Options

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Frankly organic vodka was born of necessity, as the Co Founder realized that most organic juices, teas and juices that existed were not real organic fruits and vegetables. By sourcing real organic fruits and vegetables from the local area and processing those products to the highest standards, we could create a product that would be truly organic, but would also have an extraordinary taste. We wanted to create a product that was bright, fresh and robust. The branding was crucial because we thought it would lend authenticity to the brand. Once again I asked “What do I look for in a great label?”

The answer was simple. We needed to ensure that the vodka was as pure and bright as possible. We filtered the first batch of liquor several times using charcoal filters and finally settled on a technique that worked best for us. We filtered the second batch a fourth time using low pressure and distilled five times, then concentrated once more. Once again we concentrated and filtered again.

The organic vodkas contain mostly organic fruits and vegetables. Of the four organic juices which make up the organic vodka, the most popular is the Floral. It contains primarily cypress and ginger root. All organic ingredients are free of synthetic pesticides. They also contain only natural flavoring agents, sugar, water, and barley.

Another great ingredient is cranberry. berries play a vital role in our health as well as in the flavor of our spirits. Of course the real “flavor” comes from cranberries and not from sugar added at the distillation process. It is refreshing to drink organic vodka containing cranberries. Finally consumers today appreciate transparency when it comes to the ingredients in the products they purchase.

Since our main focus in creating the line was on fruit flavor, we chose a few flavors to develop. One of the first choices we made was to develop a citrus flavor. Consumers immediately noticed that the vodka had a light, fresh citrus flavor. We decided to develop flavors which complimented the fruit, including: coconut, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, peach, and maca root.

We also developed two non-alcoholic options. The first flavor was gingerbread. Gingerbread really brings out the nutty, butterscotch-like flavors of several of the organic fruits we use. We also developed a nutmeg scented version of this favorite. This non-alcoholic brand was created with five flavors in mind; nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

End Note

In addition to developing these unique, organic juices and liqueurs we decided to develop a non-alcoholic version of our high quality Manhattan flavored vodka. Since Manhattan is an all natural, pure, and non-blended whiskey made from all American oak barrels, we felt it would be a perfect match for this organic vodka. Instead of using wheat or rye to make the base of the whiskey, we elected to use white grapes. Afterward we added a blend of organic berries, sugar, and a lemon peel for a sweet and sour combination. Considered one of our best options, the result was a very drinkable Manhattan flavored vodka with a bright citrus flavor. We believe the flavors of the organic juices and liqueurs we have developed are excellent choices for mixing into your cocktail recipes.

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