Finding Organic Bath Products For A Cruelty Free Environment -

Finding Organic Bath Products For A Cruelty Free Environment

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Organic bath and body products have become increasingly popular in recent years and are a much better alternative to harsh chemical-based lotions, soaps, shampoos and other toiletries. They’re also a lot less expensive, so you’ll be able to spend less money on your overall bath and body routine. There are a number of reasons why they’re a better choice.

Benefits Of Organic Bath Products

Pure, organic bath products don’t include any synthetic chemicals or toxins that can irritate the skin. Completely non-toxic, these naturally made products will retain your skin’s moisture, refreshed and nourished. Their organic compounds won’t clog pores or cause rashes, itching or other types of irritation. Many have also been made with natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil, which are known for their therapeutic properties and soothing effect. Bubble bath bombs, massage lotions and body scrubs made from olive oil, coconut oil and other oils have been used for hundreds of years.

Healing Benefits

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Other organic bath products, such as soap, bath salts and shampoos contain natural ingredients, too. Natural ingredients have long been recognized for their healing benefits. For example, lavender is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to treat burns and other skin issues. Sea salts and Epsom salt are also beneficial for the skin and may help protect against aging and disease.

But what about the pros and cons of organic bath products? Experts weigh in with their thoughts about both the pros and cons of organic products. The pros include everything from the essential oils used to make bubble baths and lavender scents to the fact that many natural ingredients don’t trigger allergic reactions. The cons include everything from artificial colors to preservatives to sodium lauryl sulfate, a compound contained in many antibacterial cleansers and soap products.

The Scents 

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The benefits of using organic bath products are easy to see. The scents are all soothing and pleasant. Natural ingredients are also more environmentally friendly than chemicals used in conventional products. But do the benefits outweigh the cons?

Most experts say yes! A bath set that includes organic ingredients will be gentler on your skin. Natural lavender scent is especially soothing. Organic lavender oil extracts have been proven to reduce redness and irritation associated with many types of skin irritations, including acne. Organic bath sets that include organic ingredients may also be less harsh on the body.

Bottom Line

No matter what you’re looking for, you can find a wide selection of cruelty-free and organic ingredients in many different sizes and varieties online. In addition to purchasing organic ingredients for making custom formulations, you can also buy wholesale soaps, body products, bath salts and spa accessories online. For example, you can buy beautiful acrylic bath towels, acrylic cosmetics and even cute travel toiletry bags made from pure cotton. The possibilities are endless when you shop with a supplier that specializes in organic ingredients and specialty products for the health and beauty of your family.

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