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Everything which you need to know about Milorganite lowes

milorganite lowes

Milorganite lowes are is an eco-friendly lawn fertilizer. It allows the slow release of oxygen that is used to grow beautiful flowers, shrubs, and flowers. This is an old and trusted fertilizer that was used since 1926. While producing nitrogen, milorganite does not burn and the iron content that is present in it produces thick grasses in the lawn without allowing any excessive growth. Milorganite is used in golf courses also.

Some Features of Milorganite lowes

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  • It can be applied to all lawn grasses anytime without burning.
  • It allows the slow release of nitrogen and is also used for deep greening.
  • It is ideal to use for drought areas.
  • This slow release of nitrogen does not leach into the groundwater.
  • It is used in lawns and shrubs or trees to promote their healthy growth.


  • Milorganite Lowes is 32 pounds.
  • They are granules.
  • The total coverage area of this fertilizer is 2500 square feet.
  • It has 6 percent of Nitrogen and 4 percent phosphorous. It has no content of potassium.
  • it is used for all types of the seeding process.
  • It can be used on a variety of plants like bluegrass, centipede, fescue, ryegrass, zoysia, etc.
  • It is 100 percent organic.
  • It can be used in spring, summer, and fall as well.
  • It is an all-purpose fertilizer.
  • It is possible to use too much milorganite. Too much milorganite will result in your grass turning yellow. If milorganite is of a very small quantity, then that can also result in discoloration of the grass.

How to apply milorganite

The method to apply is very specific. it  depends on the soil type and grass species that you are trying to grow in your lawn. It is very important to do a soil test and check soil needs. It is also important to research the growing season and the specific grass before buying milorganite.

It can be used in all seasons. Milorganite is usually applied four times annually but it is very important to research the specific grass before applying fertilizer. You should know that when the grass needs extra nutrients and apply the fertilizer accordingly.

The steps to apply milorgnite is as follows:

  • You should start by checking the soil temperature. The ideal temperature should be between 55-85 Fahrenheit.
  • Then calculate how much fertilizer Is required for that lawn, depending on your specific soil needs.
  • It is preferable to mow the lawn before applying fertilizer. This allows the soil to soak the fertilizer.
  • Then you should evenly spread the fertilizer using the rotary spreader. It is very important to follow a grid pattern so that you do not miss even a single spot.
  • Then you should water all the lawn very nicely. It is important to wash off any fertilizer that is present on the blades as this will cause the lawn to burn.


Milorganite is a very useful fertilizer that has been prevalent in the USA for a very long time. The effect of this fertilizer is visible just after one week and you get lush and green grass within 2-3 weeks. 

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