Body Dysmorphia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Body Dysmorphia

For those that do not know body dysmorphia, it is a body image disorder that affects men and women alike. It can cause people to be dissatisfied with their body or body parts even if they have no reason to have such dissatisfaction. This article will discuss body dysmorphia from its symptoms to its causes and its treatments.

Body Dysmorphia Symptoms

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People who suffer from body dysmorphia will often believe they are not as others see them, meaning that they are worried that their body or body parts are flawed in some way. Those with body dysmorphia have what is called body image distortion, meaning they do not see their body accurately. They might think a body part is too small or too big or simply not right when others do not have the same perception. This body image distortion can lead to body dysmorphic disorder. Body dysmorphic disorder is where those with body dysmorphia begin to fixate on that body part as being flawed, thinking about it constantly and then taking steps to try and fix it by covering up the flaw with clothing or using other methods such as makeup.

In addition, sufferers of body dysmorphia may also be obsessed with one feature of their body because they find it ugly or defective in some way whereas no one else sees this aspect as a problem for them at all. fact, you might have noticed body dysmorphia at your local gym where bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts will pile their plates high with food but barely eat anything, all so they can look more buff than they really are.

Body Dysmorphia Causes

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The cause of body dysmorphic disorder is not entirely known, although it might be related to body image distortions brought on by the media and society’s norms for what a healthy body should look like. In addition, research has shown that this disorder often begins before the age of 12 and may have something to do with how body image is formed in early childhood.

In women, body dysmorphia might also be because of hormone changes from menstruation due to the rise in estrogen levels which can affect mood levels. Estrogen is a hormone that sometimes can cause body dysmorphic disorder in those with the genetic predisposition to such body image disorders.

Body Dysmorphia Treatment

There are several ways to treat body dysmorphic disorder, beginning with taking medications such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs to help control mood levels and anxiety. In addition, talk therapy is often part of body dysmorphia treatment because people suffering from this condition often find it difficult to express their feelings and emotions due to shame or embarrassment about what they perceive as their body flaws. They might also avoid social situations altogether because of these body image distortions.

In conclusion, body dysmorphia is something that affects many people regardless of age, sex, or race and may even affect a bodybuilder who is obsessed with his body image and can’t see himself as being ‘muscular’ enough.

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