9 Different Types Of Organic Products Available Today

9 Different Types Of Organic Products

We all are aware of organic products and also know how they are better from conventional ones. When it comes to organic, a wide range of products holds an organic certification. Consequently, people who love organic have tons of product choices. From organic food and plants to beauty products and toys, there is much to choose. If you are new to the world of ‘organic’ and want to know the types that qualify for organic certification, keep reading:

1. Food And Beverages

Almost all beverages and meals can be produced organically. Food and drinks that are certified organic are free of pesticides, GMOs, hormones, and antibiotics. A wide range of organic products can be covered in this category, including fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, coffee, alcohol, etc. Further, many manufacturers also produce organic health supplements, jam, pizza, and other such items.

9 Different Types Of Organic Products Available Today
9 Different Types Of Organic Products Available Today

2. Flowers And Plants

Flowers and plants have become a popular category of organic products. Today, many people are planting organic plants in their home gardens. Also, many choose organic flowers for their eco-friendly parties and weddings. Well, many items fall into this category, including herbs, plant starts, flowering bulbs, trees, etc.

3. Seeds And Gardening Material

Just like flowers, fruit and vegetable seeds can be certified organic. A wide range of sectors like farms, community gardens, and home gardens buy organic seeds and gardening supplies. Today, many farmers prefer organic like fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers for their crop production.

4. Cosmetics

Cosmetics that are 100% organic are free of ingredients that are harmful to the environment. Although many cosmetics are made with natural ingredients, there are only a few cosmetic brands that entirely qualify for ‘organic’ status. So, women who love cosmetics should be aware of products that have natural ingredients and the ones that are 100% natural.

5. Textiles

Textiles also can’t be missed when it comes to organic products. Today, many organic textile processing and manufacturing units operate all across the globe. Organic textiles, including fibres like wool, cotton, flax, etc., fall into this category.

6. Toys

Organic toys are all the rage these days. Today, parents worry about the chemicals their kids can expose to. As a result, they prefer buying organic toys for their children. The list of organic toys includes organic soft toys, organic playdough, organic paints, etc.

7. Personal Care Products

These days organic personal care items have become more popular than the conventional ones. It is because the latter possess chemicals that are not good for the skin. Well, several personal care products can hold organic certification, such as soaps, body lotions, shampoos, etc.

9 Different Types Of Organic Products Available Today
9 Different Types Of Organic Products Available Today

8. Pet Products

The organic pet food industry is booming every year. Besides, organic pet food, items like pet beds, pet toys, etc. are becoming popular among pet owners.

9. Restaurants, Bakeries And Cafés

Since organic food has gained a lot of popularity over the years, organic food chains are cropping up everywhere. From organic restaurants and bakeries to everything in between, the organic foodservice sector is said to rise high in the future.

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