Organic Pesticides: 7 Natural Ways To Control Pests -

Organic Pesticides: 7 Natural Ways To Control Pests

7 Natural Ways To Control Garden Pests

The increasing adverse impact of chemical pesticides on biodiversity has made gardeners shift their focus on natural pest-control measures. So, if you love nature, prefer to use the 7 natural ways like organic pesticides to control your garden pests Spraying synthetic pesticides and insecticides is not just toxic to human health but to the whole environment. This article lists some effective measures you can employ for the same:

1. Identify Good And Bad Pests

You first need to identify which insects are good and bad for your garden before you take measures against them. While bad insects damage crops, good ones will perform vital functions like pollination. For example – butterflies, bees, and flies help to pollinate plants and won’t be considered as ‘bad’. Also, some like ladybugs and Green Lacewing act as predators and parasites and will kill bad bugs. Once you have differentiated between good and bad bugs, you can easily get rid of them through organic pesticides.

7 Natural Ways To Control Garden Pests
7 Natural Ways To Control Garden Pests

2. Install A Bird Feeder

Another natural pest-control measure is installing up a bird feeder and bath. As birds are natural pesticides, they will destroy insects that are harmful to your crops. So, attract them by using open feeders with trays. You can also plant purple coneflowers, marigolds, sunflowers, etc., to attract a variety of birds.

3. Buy A Natural Pesticide

Get a natural pesticide to get rid of those stubborn pests. Read the ingredient list before you settle for a product to ensure it is chemical-free. If you are buying organic pesticides, check for certification and logos. Follow the application instructions before using these pesticides. Also, try to buy a product with garlic, chili pepper, onion, or diatomaceous earth. The best is to go for garlic as it will act both as a pesticide and fungicide.

4. Use Fingers To Pick Insects

No matter organic pesticides will do away with your garden pests, you can also handpick them. Pick off beetles, snails, slugs, etc. Use a stick to reach brush moths and other such insects.

5. Install A Net In The Garden

Setting up a lightweight net will keep many crops safe from harmful pests. Make sure to install a transparent net to allow sun rays to reach your plants and vegetables. You can buy nets online or from an organic gardening store.

7 Natural Ways To Control Garden Pests
7 Natural Ways To Control Garden Pests

6. Grow Plants That Will Act As A Barrier

Some plants can also act as a living barrier to bugs. For example – peppermint and spearmint will deter ants and aphids. You can also plant aromatic plants like garlic, lavender to keep pests at bay.

7. Make Organic Pesticides At Home

Organic pesticides can be easily prepared at home using natural ingredients. They are one of the most effective ways to fight pests without using any chemical. The pesticides that can be prepared at home, include onion & garlic spray, oil spray, soap spray, and neem oil spray. Follow the remedies given below to make an effective soap and vegetable oil spray:

  • Soap Spray – It can be easily prepared by mixing 3 tbsp. of organic dish soap and 30 ml orange oil with a gallon of water.
  • Mineral Oil Spray – For this, mix 10-30 ml of mineral oil (organic) with 1 lt. of water.
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