6 Things To Do To Conserve Biodiversity

Things To Do To Conserve Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the measure of the total variety of species on Earth, covering living organisms from all sources including marine, terrestrial, etc. It is responsible for keeping habitats and ecosystems in balance. Also, it provides many ecosystem services such as water purification, nutrient cycling, and sustainable agricultural productivity, etc. Given how much biodiversity is doing for us, it is important from our part to repay its service. Well, there are several ways to conserve biodiversity and some of them are:

1. Conserving Biodiversity By Reducing Fertilizers

One way to enhance biodiversity is by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in lawn care. These chemicals run off to water sources and affect its quality. In addition to this, they affect the animals and plants living near those water bodies. If you are a farmer, opt for organic farming practices.

6 Things To Do To Conserve Biodiversity
6 Things To Do To Conserve Biodiversity

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce your need for new resources. Reuse what you can. Recycle the goods that can be. Also, stay away from products that are not eco-friendly. In this way, less waste will go into the landfill. Follow the practice of composting to reduce waste stream volume. Moreover, composting will provide natural fertilizer to your garden.

3. Switch To Organic Food

Since organic food is produced without chemicals, it does not pose a threat to soil as well as underground water. This is not the case with modern farming practice as it uses chemical fertilizers extensively. Therefore, we can say that organic food production supports biodiversity. So, you should choose organic food options instead of conventional ones. If you are a seafood lover, buy sustainably harvested seafood.

4. Limit Energy Use To Conserve Biodiversity

The less is the energy demand, the less will be the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Consequently, it is beneficial to reduce the effect of global warming. So, try to conserve energy at home. Use power-saving devices and reduce the use of devices already in use. Also, prefer walking and bicycling over other means of transport. If you need to travel longer distances, use one vehicle at a time. Planning to construct a new home? Look for energy-efficient home designs.

5. Give Food, Water & Shelter To Birds/Animals

Give food, water, and shelter to needy animals and birds. Also, adopt pet dogs and cats. Besides this, place bird feeders and houses to help local birds. Furthermore, you can keep an aquarium at home.

6 Things To Do To Conserve Biodiversity
6 Things To Do To Conserve Biodiversity

6. Join Animal Welfare Projects

If you love animals and want to do something for them, join an animal welfare project. There are many charities, NGOs, and organizations that help endangered animals. Join their cause and actively volunteer for them. In addition to this, you can donate food to nearby animal shelters.

Additional Actions To Conserve Biodiversity:

  • Plant more trees and plants. Try to plant gardens with local wildflowers.
  • Get concrete surfaces replaced with permeable pavement.
  • Raise awareness regarding biodiversity. Promote ecosystem restoration activities.
  • Install recycling bins for glass, paper, plastic, paper, and cans.

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